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Ma'am Samrina- Owner & founder of sanaaz couture

Samarina Haseeb, the owner and founder of Sanaaz Designer Couture in Saint Louis, Missouri has always had a flare and passion for fashion. After years of creative brainstorming and personal experience of hosting several Designer Fashion Shows across the USA, Samrina decided to pursue her dreams and create her own fashion label.

As a native Pakistani, her rich cultural heritage and eye for natural beauty has influenced her own sense of style and creative talent that she has now showcased in her personal brand: Sanaaz Designer Couture.

As an avid traveler, Samrina has made friends and connections all over the world. Samrina works with several designers to bring traditional clothing with a contemporary and modern twist all under one roof.

Sanaaz Designer Couture’s mission is to provide every woman with a unique and luxurious shopping experience, find the perfect attire, access to the newest and latest fashion trends, and the right accessories to match.

At SANAAZ,  there’s something for every woman!

Please note we offer no refunds or exchanges once the order is processed and confirmed.

For any further information please contact us.

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